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What’s new

Welcome to Sapporo, Hokkaido!

1-1e691a9e591a8e6b99643Come and study Japanese in a place full of nature.
There are so many popular sightseeing places in Hokkaido.Among them, Sapporo is renowned for its quality of life,thanks to a good balance of nature and civilization.Also popular with foreign 0-0e69cade5b98c30tourists is our selection of marine products caught near Sapporo City,as well as fresh daily products! Interacting with the people of Sapporo, you will be greeted with warmth and hospitality, which is sure to make your visit a memorable one.040You can enjoy visiting gardens in the spring and playing outdoor sports in the summer.You can see trees adorned with many beautiful colored leaves in the fall and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter!There are attractive spots to go to throughout the year.Come visit us in Sapporo, where you can study Japanese safely and enjoyably!
IAY Student Report
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 2017.11.1 Japanese Intensive training

All you need is 3 months to complete the elementary Japanese!
A new one time only course!
Details(Click here!)

1. You can finish this course within 3 months which has the same contents of the regular 6 months program.

2. You can improve your Japanese with a balance of “reading”, “writing” “listening”, and“speaking”skills.

3. You can learn “accurate”Japanese by studying it effectively and intensively for a short period.

4. You can be satisfied with the lessons by excellent teachers.

5. You can set out for raising your level to intermediate from April, 2018.

Course: Details (Click here)
Term : 2018/1/9(Tue.)~ 2018/3/30(Fri.)
Days : 4 classes per day from Monday to Friday; One class is 45 minutes.
Schedule: ①8:50-9:35  ②9:40-10:25  ③10:35-11:20  ④11:25-12:10
Sign up fee: 0 JPY - Only Now!
Tuition :
3 months:360,000 JPY → 255,000 JPY
2 months:288,000 JPY → 170,000 JPY
1 month :144,000 JPY →  85,000 JPY
Capacity : the first 15 people
Deadline: 2017/12/15(Fri.)

※When signing up before Friday, December 15, 2017, your membership charge (valued at 20,000 JPY) will be waived!

Now accepting applicants for “Business Japanese Course″!


Course: Details(Click here!)
Term: ①2018/3/5(Mon.)~2018/4/6(Fri.)
Days: 3 classes per day from Monday to Friday.
*One class is 45 minutes
Time: Afternoon Class ①13:00-13:45 ②13:55-14:40 ③14:50-15:35
SIgn up fee: 20,000 JPY
Tuition:5 weeks 140,000JPY
Deadline:①2018/2/9(Fri.) ②2018/9/14(Fri.)


※When signing up before ①Friday January 26 ②Friday August 31, your membership charge (valued at 20,000 JPY) will be waived!

2017.10.20 Join in the Student Visa Course from April!

(Click here)
Now accepting applicants for the student visa course!Pre-college 24 months course!We offer you a student visa for 24 months ;From April 2018 to March 2020.The student Visa Course is for foreign students wishing to proceed to a higher education institution such as a university, a graduate school or a technical school in Japan.Let’s study together at IAY!Students have 4 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. Lesson contents meet students’ needs such as improving communication ability, preparation for JLPT or corrections and instructions for a short essay for an exam. Students are able to develop their practical Japanese language ability with a sure and steady curriculum.Do you have a dream to study abroad to Japan?
Do you want to take a big step forward?
We will help you make your dreams come true!

※Deadline for application is the 30th November 2017, Please sign up as early as possible.

“Summer Course 2017″

Details (Click here!)
Students can enjoy learning daily Japanese conversation by following the IAY original curriculum. Small groups between 3 to 10 persons.Learning through communicative and practical methods with well-balanced “Input” and “output” exercise, students can develop one’s abilities even for short-term. A variety of supervised activities such as Japanese cultural programs, field trips near the school and Japanese exchange are prepared. Enjoy conversation using Japanese you’ve learned in class.

◆Course: Details
Schedule     Activities
◆Term: 2017/7/10(Mon.)
◆Days: 3 classes per day from Monday to Friday.  *One class is 45 minutes
◆Time: 9:40 – 12:05
◆Sign up fee: 20,000 JPY
・Waived if applying on or before May 8(Mon.)
・Waived a half(10,000yen) if applying on or before June 10(Sat.)
1 week  30,000JPY
2 weeks  53,000JPY
3 weeks  75,000JPY
4 weeks 96,000JPY
※The minimum student count should be three.

Application form
※Please input letters or characters on the computer after downloading
Course application form
Activities application form

2011.12.20 IAY is Now on Facebook!

“IAY International Academy Japanese Language School”

Please drop by and “like” our Facebook page, where we will be providing updates on IAY, Sapporo city information and other useful information!



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