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Scenes at IAY

IAY is an accredited school approved by?a Ministry of Justice? and also designated as a proper education facility for Japanese language, which makes application procedures for documents very easy.

Experienced teachers, who specialize in Japanese language education, give lessons in a detailed manner so that students can acquire practical Japanese ability efficiently.

Counselors for life support listen to students’ problems on their daily life and their future courses, and give guidance in each language. Briefing sessions for universities or colleges are also held.

Lessons are provided efficiently in small groups according to students’ levels.

The school building is located in the center of Sapporo, and is 1-minute walk from the largest park in Sapporo, Odori Park, stretching east to west. There are large underground shopping malls, and three subway lines intersect at the nearest subway station, Odori. You can go directly to IAY by the elevator. Most of students go to school by foot or bicycle.

学校の受付 教室(定員32名) 教室(定員8名)

図書室(定員15名) 教室(定員4名) 学校の廊下

授業後に先生と クラスの友達と コースが終わった後のパーティ

文化活動・着物着付け 文化活動・茶道教室 文化活動・華道教室

学校の入っているビルの入り口 学校が入っているビル前の交差点 地下街から学校への入り口

Access from New Chitose Airport

【1】JR line and subway (50 minutes)

36 minutes from JR Chitose Airport Station to JR Sapporo Station (every 15 minutes)
1 minute from Sapporo Subway Station to Odori Subway Station (every 3-5 minutes)





【2】Bus (70 minutes)

Get in a bus for downtown Sapporo at bus stop No. 13 or No. 24 of Chitose Airport. (every 10 minutes)
Get off the bus at Sapporo Odori bus stop (approx. 70 minutes)
Approx. 100m from Odori bus stop to Hinode building (IAY) (2 minutes on foot)




IAY International Academy Japanese language school
Hinode Bldg. 6F, S1W4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo,
060-0061 JAPAN
Tel.011-281-5188  Fax.011-222-4560
International: Tel.+81-11-281-5188 Fax.+81-11-222-4560

札幌市中央区南1条西4丁目 日之出ビル6階
IAYインターナショナルアカデミー 日本語学科


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