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Messages from graduates / current students

Pre-college Course  Zhang Guangcheng (China)

チョウ コウジョ さん I came from Fujian, China to realize my goal and walk the path to success. My fruitful but unaccustomed life at IAY started. Compared with one year ago, my Japanese language ability has improved a lot and I learned to speak Japanese very well. I’m enjoying my life in Japan with many foreign friends. Furthermore, I got a scholarship for international students from the Japanese government by my own efforts and recommendation of teachers. I will continue to make an effort to go to my first-choice college and realize my dream.

Pre-college Course  Yu Li Pang  (Taiwan)

ユ リパン さん In the clean environment of this school, students are studying Japanese language seriously under the well-designed lesson syllabus. Teachers also seriously give lessons, and many supplementary materials as well as regular textbooks are used to enhance learning. Lessons are very easy to understand even though they are given in Japanese, and teachers answer our questions kindly even after the lesson. As a result of various training, I think my Japanese language ability has improved further. I’m happy that I was able to enter IAY.

Pre-college Course Elizabeth Koran (Republic of Vanuatu)

エリザベス コラン さん The atmosphere of the class was very good, and I learned Japanese language and a lot of kanji under kind teaching by teachers. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to IAY. Thanks to IAY, I passed a university entrance examination. I’m working at an adult day-care center as a volunteer and have had wonderful experiences there. I also cleaned up a beach as a volunteer with classmates in IAY and it was very fun. I’m the first student coming from Vanuatu to Japan. I will continue to study hard and learn Japanese culture and manners for my own country. I think IAY is an excellent school for learning Japanese.

Pre-college Course  Baatarkhuu Dembereldash (Mongol)

ダシカさん I was encouraged to study abroad by my teacher and came to Japan after consulting with my family and friends. Learning Japanese language at IAY, I have been also experiencing Japanese culture and customs. I’m happy to have many foreign friends. In the future, I want to enter Hokkaido University after graduation, and on to the graduate school. This is my dream. I will keep studying as hard as I can.

Pre-college course Gao Jian Yu (China)

高健宇さん I came from Shenyang, China. I entered the Hokkaido University of Education, and after graduation, I’m working at a computer company in Sapporo. I’m continuing to study things such as computer-related terms, business-related words and polite expressions to communicate with colleagues, bosses, and customers. The time passes very quickly. I hope all of you can set a firm goal and study Japanese language very hard.

Pre-college course Dalavone Chanthakhot (Laos)

ダラヴォン チャンタコさん I could enter my first-choice university after two-years of studying at IAY. I’m a sophomore in the Department of Management Information, School of Economics of Hokusei Gakuen University. At university, I have to study with Japanese people. It is very difficult but my Japanese language ability that I acquired at IAY is a great help to me. There are many new encounters beyond differences in culture or language and it’s a lot of fun. I would like to continue enjoying my fulfilling college life.

Pre-college course  Buddhika Manojith Jayasinghe Perera (Sri Lanka)

ペレーラ ブッディカさん I had a dream about living abroad since I was a child. Thanks to the president of IAY, my dream was realized. My life in Japan was very difficult because I didn’t understand Japanese language at all. After three months passed, my Japanese ability improved greatly, including conversation and writing. I made friends, learned Japanese language from kind teachers and my life became exciting. After graduation, I studied at the Department of International Hotel, a professional school. Thanks to my many experiences, I was able to get a job with a hotel in Japan. I will continue to do my best. I really appreciate IAY.

Pre-college course (transfer student) Shih Chia-Ling (Taiwan)

史家菱 さん I experienced a different life from living in Taiwan. For example, there aren’t street stalls in Japan. Seafood dishes and miso ramen noodles are delicious in Sapporo. I went to the snow festival, which can not be held in Taiwan, and experienced skiing. I have lived in a dorm with meals. I like curry rice, udon noodles, and sandwiches for breakfast cooked by the manager of the dorm. Teachers at IAY give lessons in an easily understandable manner. I think my Japanese language ability has improved. I appreciate serious and friendly teachers. I plan to return to Taiwan and work as a sales representative using Japanese language.

Pre-college course (transfer student) Chu Mi-Yeoun (Korea)

チュ ミヨン さん I came from Korea with my 4 family members due to my husband’s job. Life abroad wasn’t all easy. When my child had a fever and went to a hospital, I couldn’t explain the symptoms, or I couldn’t enjoy my child’s presentation and athletic contest. I understood that it was very hard if I could not take care of my matters on my own. Then, I found IAY. I studied hard for just over a year together with my family. Now, I can understand contents of lessons on parents’ day at my daughter’s school. I was very glad to understand the notices issued by my daughter’s school. I’m very happy despite my mundane life. I really appreciate teachers who taught me kindly and clearly. I also thank my friend who introduced me to IAY.

Summer Intensive Course  Martin Babeluk  (Austria)

マーティン バベラックさん I have studied in Tokyo in the past but I was disappointed at the hot climate and a lot of people. So, I chose Sapporo this time. In Sapporo, many people are kind and the city is beautiful. My school life was also very fun. I plan to travel in Japan. I will climb Mt. Yotei and Mt. Fuji, and then return to Austria.

Summer Intensive Course  Yang Shuo (China)

楊碩さん When I came to Japan, I had difficulties because I didn’t know Japanese at all. Studying Japanese language was difficult, and I was troubled due to having few friends. My brother introduced me to IAY. My life at IAY was really fun with kind teachers and interesting classmates. I gradually began to understand Japanese language. But I’m not satisfied with the current situation. I will continue to work hard.

Summer Intensive Course  Chiu Hsiao-Wen (Taiwan)

チウ シャオウェンさん Sapporo is a vibrant town and has almost year-round cool weather. It is also a beautiful town. On my days off, I went to Furano and viewed cherry blossoms with my friends. The beer garden was also interesting. Lessons are easy to understand and interesting because teachers are kind. I will return to Taiwan but I want to come back to Japan in January to study Japanese language again. After graduation, I will enter a professional school. I’m grateful to all of teachers.
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